About Peak Automotive

I got my first dirt bike when I was 13 years old. When it broke, I took it apart and sent the motor out of state.

My neighbor told my parents, “That's a shame you guys spent all this money on a bike and it's in a box. He's never going to ride that again."


Owner/Master Mechanic

Within the week, that dirt bike was out of that box and back on the trails. I always had a knack for that. It pushed me to pursue automotive shop in high school.

10 Years Later

Fast-forward 10 years, when my friend and I moved from Colorado to Alaska on a whim. We rented a house and found jobs. I worked for a roofing company and I liked the exercise, working hard outdoors, but on the 15-below days I thought about finding something else to do.

I wanted something more long term, stable, not weather dependent.

I enrolled in UAA's GM ASEP classes and in no time at all graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Automotive Technology.

Over the next several years I found myself working at a couple of different dealerships before moving into an independent shop where I grew my skills working on most makes and models.

I went on to teach the GM ASEP program at UAA.  I gained a significant amount of experience and training for General Motors and Chrysler, even completing the Mopar Cap local program.

Now I offer My Services Direct to you

It has always been my passion to work for myself and own my own business. With the support of my family, friends and this wonderful community I have found the opportunity to make Peak Automotive happen.

Keep Your Car Running at its Peak

Your vehicles will be treated and repaired with the same passion that got me started