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Just a reminder that we’re going to draw a winner for our gun raffle on Memorial Day!🇺🇸

How do you know if your wiper blades need to be replaced? If the blades are leaving streaks, squeaking, or skipping on your windshield, then it’s time to get a new pair!

5 signs your car battery needs to be replaced: 1) Your car struggles to start. 2) Flickering/dimming lights. 3) Dashboard warning light. 4) Electrical malfunctions. 5)Corrosion.Any problem or question with your vehicle we would be more than happy to help you with!

With gas prices climbing, here are some ways that proper vehicle maintenance can save you some money at the pump💸⛽️

Nothing to say, just wanted to remind everyone of how perfect Miss Molly is🥰

With the warm weather finally here, now is a good time to make sure your A/C is in good working order so you’re all set for the summer!

Getting your tires rotated is important because it ensures that your tires wear evenly. We recommend you get them rotated every other oil change or around every 10,000 miles.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!🌸

We offer a 10% military and first responder discount, as a way to thank you for your service!🇺🇸

Happy Hump Day!😂

When your fuel light comes on, get gas ASAP! Driving your car on an empty tank runs the risk of your fuel pump overheating and failing, or your fuel filter becoming clogged with dirty fuel. So while it might seem inconvenient to fill up when your light comes on, getting gas as soon as possible is just another way you can maintain your vehicle and avoid costly repairs!

How often should you have your vehicle’s oil changed? With modern synthetic oils, the recommended oil change interval is 6 months or around 6,000 miles🔧🚗

Happy Monday from Molly!

Alaskans! Don’t forget that the tire change over deadline for studded tires is May 1st! Make an appointment to get them changed next week! 907-357-7325👨🏻‍🔧

Why are alignments important? They keep your vehicle driving straight, and help ensure even wear on the tires. It’s also good preventative maintenance, as it allows the technicians to find certain things before parts break! Call us at 907-357-PEAK (7325) to schedule yours!

It can be found at the top of our Facebook page!

May 1st is the tire deadline- get in before the rush! 907-357-PEAK (7325)

Happy Friday from Molly!

We’ve added another opportunity for more raffle entries! If you refer a friend who gets a service done, you’ll get 3 additional tickets put in!