Winter Is Coming

Here at Peak Automotive, we know that anything that streamlines your commuting saves you time and money. We also know that our Alaska winters can be very rough on our cars. If you are contemplating repair services, here are reasons why regular vehicle maintenance by PEAK AUTOMOTIVE mechanics is important for you.

Extend the life of your vehicle: The number one reason for taking regular maintenance seriously is to extend the life of your vehicle. Maintenance helps keep some vehicle problems at bay or prevents some small issues from growing larger. In addition, preventive car maintenance reduces wear and tear of engine and moving parts, ultimately making them last longer.

Increased safety: One of the stressful situations any driver can experience is getting a breakdown at night along a quiet road in the middle of nowhere (in winter). Bringing your car to Peak Automotive for scheduled maintenance can prevent most of the hazards associated with driving. We know that Alaska winters can be a bear, and having reliable transportation is not a luxury but necessary.

Reduced repair costs: At Peak Automotive, we care for our customers. That’s why we advocate for regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can save you from unexpected repairs and replacements, which tend to be cost-prohibitive. Ignoring maintenance paves the way for a minor issue to develop, resulting in a breakdown. Maintenance opens an opportunity for you to identify signs of minor issues and address them before they turn into big issues.

Keep your car performing at its best: Along with increased safety, regular maintenance ensures your car is performing optimally. Thanks to preventive maintenance, you get better traction, more stable steering, and more reliable engine starts. This is possible if you schedule routine maintenance and let Peak Automotive mechanics service professionals do their best.

Save your time: We don’t want you to postpone a meeting or miss a day fishing because your car is being repaired, or broke down. However, staying on top of your maintenance schedule, you will avoid larger issues that might keep your car from running or that may last you longer in the auto repair shop.

At Peak Automotive, we take auto repair and maintenance services very seriously. Our experienced mechanics will handle everything to ensure your car is operating optimally.

We do mechanical repair or service on all cars and RVs. Get the best quality service from the best mechanics in Wasilla, Alaska.

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